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Foreclosure Articles

Easy Steps to Buying Foreclosures for Maximum Profit

There is a system to purchasing foreclosure real estate that can be broken down into six basic steps. Following these steps will simplify a foreclosure real estate transaction while avoiding common mistakes made by the typical consumer.

Foreclosures In 15 Minutes

Investing in foreclosure homes for resale is not that different from investing in foreclosure homes for rental income. Many of the same rules apply and many guidelines remain constant.

Buying a Fannie Mae: Tips and Secrets

Fannie Mae foreclosure homes are owned by the Federal National Mortgage Association. These foreclosure homes are homes that were previously purchased using a conventional loan (as opposed to a VA loan or FHA loan).

Freddie Mac Tips and Secrets

Freddie Mac is chartered by Congress and does not actually lend money. Instead, Freddie Mac buys mortgages from various mortgage lenders, sets lending criteria and puts loan programs for mortgage lenders to use when

How To Buy a HUD Foreclosure Home

Before you begin the process of buying a HUD foreclosure home, you need to know what obstacles you must overcome to make your purchase and how to manage the "risks" of buying real estate foreclosures.

VA Foreclosures - The Undiscovered Gold Mine

Few people know the number one best-kept secret of buying foreclosure homes: it is possible to purchase a foreclosure home with no money down.

Big Profits in Foreclosures

The mortgage foreclosure process creates three sets of real estate investment opportunities: the "Default/Pre-Foreclosure" phase, the "Auction/Sale" phase and the "REO" phase.

Investing in Real Estate: How to Sell Your Investment for Maximum Profit

When investing in real estate, there are numerous strategies available to help maximize your equity depending on your short and long-term investing goals.

K.I.S.S. HUD Home Buying

Are you ready to purchase a home? Ask yourself these three questions:

Quick Foreclosure Facts

Foreclosure homes are less expensive to buy and less expensive to own on average than any other type of home purchase.

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