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Build Your Wealth

If you are just beginning to build your real estate portfolio, it is important that you understand the choices you need to make now that will have an effect on your flexibility later.
  1. What is my short-term real estate investing goal (i.e., how many foreclosure homes the first year)?
  2. Am I trying to generate revenue from my foreclosure homes now or in the future? How much?
  3. Do I want to be a landlord or not?
  4. What is my credit like? (If you need to improve your credit, do it now.)
  5. How much cash am I working with?
  6. What are long-term real estate investing goals?
Be sure to ask yourself these questions before beginning your real estate investing and foreclosure portfolio. If you already have investment properties, you should still ask yourself these questions. Write your answers down and refer to this list before making any decisions with regard to purchasing your next foreclosure home. Do not be afraid to reassess your goals to be sure that you current actions are still in track with your long-term real estate investing goals.

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